JW Quarter & Paint Horses
JW Quarter & Paint Horses
Jack & Shirley Withrow
Jona & Scott Austin
8540 Town Hall Rd.  Platteville, WI  53818
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JW Quarter & Paint Horses
JW Quarter & Paint Horses
"Several varieties of
stallions with different
bloodlines have been used
to produce family
oriented horses.
We take pride in raising
'All Around' style horses
that have gone on to be
excellent in halter,
pleasure, team penning,
roping, & trail riding."
- Jack Withrow
Welcome to JW Quarter & Paint Horses!
Over 50 years of raising quality registered quarter and paint horses...
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Investers Skipa Clue

AQHA #4044980
2001 Sorrel Stallion

N/N (negative) for HYPP,

Extended Pedigree
Son Dee
KO First Clue
Obvious Conclusion
Skippa Snipper
Son Dee Susie
Son Dee Dude
Bee A Sweet Dude
Skips Zipp
Ridges Gold Bar
Kotter Key Ridges
Miss Gold G Bar
Trinity Vester
Blue Chip Invester
Trinity Brick