AQHA Homozygous Black Smoky Cream Grullo
~SOLD w/ retained breedings~
MJK Kings Poco

AQHA # 5211985

5/17/09 Smoky Cream
Grullo Stallion

~15.1 at maturity


EE aa CrCr Dd!
Hotshot Dream BP
1999 Buckskin Stallion
EeAaCrcr  16.1 Hands
Buckeye is owned by
Maness Quarter Horses.
He sires foals that can ride or halter.  Buckeye
is also a halter point earner.
Hotshot Buckshot
(KING P-234 5x
& WIMPY 2x)
*The Hot Express
Zan Parr Express
Lil' Hotshot Bar
Miss Poco Chata
Mr Poco Swing
Lady Beau Joy
Super Sexy
(KING P-234 2x,
Super Dodger
Super Hill
Toy Dodger
Miss Kate Bull
Johnny Bull
Katy's Cat
Barnes Showdown Leo
2005 Smoky Cream Grulla Mare
EEaaCrCrDd   15.1 Hands
FQHA 99.21875%
NFQHA 97.656%
King Jessie Zantanon
(KING P-234 6x, LEO 2x,
Ropers King
Kings Starlight
(son of KING P-234)
Vermejo Dixie
Rings Jusaki
Vodka Collins
Rings Pretty Peppy
HM Showdown Leo Girl
(KING P-234 2x,
WIMPY 2x, & LEO)
Dandy Top Excuse
(son of Showdown by Wimpy)
Cottontop Annie
Max Leo Girl
Mister Max
Hays Miss 5
*The Hot Express (1984):
AQHA H-15.5/P-500.5; AQHA Champion; AQHA Performance Champion; Superior Halter; Superior Working Cow Horse; Superior Reining; Superior Calf Roping; Top Ten World Show
Calf Roping; Top Ten World Show Jr Reining; Top Ten World Show Sr Reining; High Point Halter; High Point Sr.Calf Roping; High Point Reining; High Point Sr.Reining; High Point Working
Cow Horse; High Point
All Around; AQHA Reserve High Point Working Cow Horse; Reserve High Point All Around; NRHA $22,432 ; NRHA Futurity 6th ; NRHA Derby 8th ; Lazy E & TX
Classic 5th place.

King P-234:
AQHA Hall of Fame ; Sire Of 2 AQHA Hall of Fame: Poco Bueno & Royal King; 658 Foals. 218 performers from 23 foal crops. 35 race starters, 17 winners, 44 wins, 12 ROM/183 show performers, 104 Halter Pt
earners (1,088 Pts) ; 107 Performance Pt earners (2,061 Pts) ; 147 total Pt earners with a total of 3,149 points All Divisions combined.

Wimpy P-1:
AQHA Hall of Fame; 174 Foals; 1 AQHA Champion; 13 Halter Pt earners; 2 Superior Halter earners; 4 Performance Pt earners; 1 Superior Performance earner; 4 Performance ROMs; 1 race starter.

Joe Reed P-3:
AQHA Hall of Fame; AQHA Hall of Fame Sire; 184 Foals; 27 Performers: 6 Race ROM, 1 Superior Cutting-Arena ROM, & 34 daughters produced ROM.

Leo P-1335:
AQHA Hall of Fame; AQHA Champion; Race SI-100/AAA+; It has been reported that Leo won 20 out of 22 races. He is known as one of the best leading broodmare sires; Sire Of: Hall of Fame Offspring,
Supreme Champion Offspring, World Champion Offspring, Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, Race ROM Offspring, Race
Money-earners. NCHA Offspring Earnings $28,362
Dreamer has a small star, blue
eyes, and a ton of dun factor.  
Dorsal stripe, ear tips and barring,
leg barring/zebra stripes, shoulder
stripe & shadow, face mask, and
cobwebbing.  Pictured at a few
hours old in the top 3 pictures and
on day 2 in the bottom picture!

Update 5/27/09: DNA Results
are in! UC Davis confirmed:  
Homozygous Cream,
Homozygous Black,
Homozygous Recessive Agouti.
Heterozygous Dun!  Thus,
(Smoky Cream Grullo)
Not only is Dreamer
exceptionally rare in
genetics, but he is put
together right as well.  
He is conformationally
correct and has a
disposition to die for.  
He is
full of personality
and loves attention!
He is pictured in the upper right three pictures at 16 days old and above left at 5 weeks old.
He is pictured directly above at 7 weeks old.  To the left and all below, he is 2 and a half
months old.  He is completely halter broke.  Leads, loads, ties, lunges, & bathes. You can
also check out "" for some
video clips of Dreamer.  
NEW video is posted on 8/6/09!  : )  Enjoy!
What an extremely rare genetic combination!!
We have only been able to locate 4 AQHA
homozygous black, smoky cream duns.

('08 colt in CA, '02 stallion in MS, our "Birdie", and "Dreamer"!)  
MJK Kings Poco Dream  ~  2009 AQHA Smoky Cream Grullo Stallion.

Dreamer will NEVER sire a red based or a non-dilute foal!
Here's a little background on the genetics and foal color possibilities sired by this one of a kind prospect...

When bred to Sorrel (AA) or Bay (AA) mares, he will produce
100% Buckskin or Dunskin foals- GUARANTEED!  Without a doubt,
making him an
IBHA/ ABRA Breeder's Dream!  Breed sorrel (aa) & black mares for 100% Smoky Black (black w/ a cream gene) or
Smoky Grullos!  Or breed dilute (palomino, buckskin, smoky black) mares for the possibility of more homozygous cream foals!!  You
can't go wrong with genetics like his!!

Dreamer is also able to produce more beautiful rare colors like
smoky blue roan or classic cream champagne!

Color and the guarantees are just the added bonus with Dreamer.  He has an outstanding pedigree with 92.28515625% of foundation
breeding.  His dam's sire has KING-P234 on his AQHA papers!!  Cross Dreamer on halter or performance mares without limiting the
customers / outside breeders looking for FQHA foals!  It's the best of both worlds!

Dreamer is correct and well-built with a disposition like no other. He is handled daily and is trained to lead, tie, load, bathe, & pick up all
four feet.  Rarely do you find a colt with looks, personality, a solid pedigree, AND triple homozygous plus dun genetics like this one.  He is
willing to please and athletic; Shows a lot of class and will be a stand out in the ring not only for his color, but for his abilities as well.  He is
one very special colt and will make an excellent stallion prospect!

If interested in making Dreamer your next prospect, contact Ashley at 608-732-5221 or for more details.  Selling
only to an approved home looking to keep him a stallion and show him or put him in performance training.  Retained breedings desired, but
not required.
~5/17/2010   SOLD w/ retained breedings~
To help demonstrate the unique color possibilities with a stallion like Dreamer...
Mare Color
Foal Color / Genetics Possibilities
(Exact %'s may vary depending on mare's exact genetics*, but these are some possibilities.)
*The black / agouti and possibly dun status of the mare is the variable.
All calculations below assume the mare is not homozygous anything.

Roan Mares?
Unless the mare is homozygous roan, the foal would have a 50% chance of getting the roan gene.  
Ex: Red roan is a sorrel horse with a roan gene.  Use the calculations for a sorrel and figure each
color listed could be roan as well.  So, 12.5% on the 4 listed and an additional 4 colors that
include roan after them.  You can also use the coat colors page to see the detailed combinations.

Gray Mares?
Unless the mare is homozygous gray, the foal would have a 50% chance of getting the gray gene.  
All foals are born their true color and turn gray with time. Some may turn gray much faster (or
slower) than others, but all are the same in terms of the genetics.  Calculate it on the mares true
genetics and then figure each color listed could turn gray as well.  This can sometimes be difficult
as the gray color is used for registering and can hide the true colors & genetics in the mare's
pedigree through many generations.  Most gray mares genetics can be guessed correctly without
DNA testing if the color of the mare when she was born is known.  It also helps to know the
color of her sire and dam and any offspring she has produced before the foals turned gray.
25.00% -  Smoky Grullo            25.00% -  Smoky Black  
25.00% -  Dunskin                     25.00% -  Buckskin  
37.50% -  Dunskin                     37.50% -  Buckskin  
12.50% -  Smoky Grullo            12.50% -  Smoky Black
50.00% -  Smoky Grullo            50.00% -  Smoky Black  
12.50% -  Smoky Grullo            12.50% -  Smoky Cream Dun  
12.50% -  Smoky Cream           12.50% -  Smoky Black  
12.50% -  Perlino Dun               12.50% -  Perlino  
12.50% -  Dunskin                     12.50% -  Buckskin
18.75% -  Perlino Dun               18.75% -  Perlino  
18.75% -  Dunskin                    18.75% -  Buckskin  
6.25% -  Smoky Grullo              6.25% -  Smoky Cream Dun  
6.25% -  Smoky Cream             6.25% -  Smoky Black  
Smoky Black
25.00% -  Smoky Grullo            25.00% -  Smoky Cream Dun  
25.00% -  Smoky Cream           25.00% -  Smoky Black  
25.00% -  Smoky Cream Dun    25.00% -  Smoky Cream  
25.00% -  Perlino Dun                25.00% -  Perlino  
37.50% -  Perlino Dun                37.50% -  Perlino  
12.50% -  Smoky Cream Dun    12.50% -  Smoky Cream
Smoky Cream
50.00% -  Smoky Cream Dun    50.00% -  Smoky Cream  
Red Dun
37.50% -  Smoky Grullo             37.50% -  Dunskin  
12.50% -  Smoky Black             12.50% -  Buckskin  
Zebra Dun
56.25% -  Dunskin                     18.75% -  Smoky Grullo  
18.75% -  Buckskin                    6.25% -  Smoky Black  
75.00% -  Smoky Grullo             25.00% -  Smoky Black  
18.75% -  Smoky Grullo             18.75% -  Smoky Cream Dun  
18.75% -  Perlino Dun                18.75% -  Dunskin  
6.25% -  Smoky Cream              6.25% -  Smoky Black  
6.25% -  Perlino                          6.25% -  Buckskin  
28.13% -  Perlino Dun                28.13% -  Dunskin  
9.38% -  Smoky Grullo               9.38% -  Smoky Cream Dun  
9.38% -  Perlino                          9.38% -  Buckskin  
3.13% -  Smoky Cream              3.13% -  Smoky Black
Smoky Grullo
37.50% -  Smoky Grullo             37.50% -  Smoky Cream Dun  
12.50% -  Smoky Cream            12.50% -  Smoky Black  
Cremello Dun
37.50% -  Smoky Cream Dun     37.50% -  Perlino Dun  
12.50% -  Smoky Cream            12.50% -  Perlino  
Perlino Dun
56.25% -  Perlino Dun                18.75% -  Smoky Cream Dun  
18.75% -  Perlino                        6.25% -  Smoky Cream
Smoky Cream Dun
75.00% -  Smoky Cream Dun     25.00% -  Smoky Cream  
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